Why should I join? What may I receive and what may I offer?

We are a grassroots non-profit whose members are community members with living hope for mental health, inclusive of trauma survivors, families, friends and people with mental health considerations/conditions. We offer comprehensive educational programs, information, support and referrals. Our aim is to offer a wide variety of opportunities; to support you in deciding what you want.

You will belong to a network of people who share the experience of navigating the mental health system, as well as other systems – individuals and families who can relate to the daily challenges people with mental health considerations/conditions face, and who are actively working to overcome those challenges. The network offers empathetic communication, education, and information and referrals to support people, families, and communities in improving quality of life.

Membership includes access to and provides funding for educational programs that offer a wide range of successful modalities, opportunities to share hope, learn from others’ experiences as they may from yours, engage in support groups, and share your experiences with others – which in turn supports us all!

We rely on and appreciate your support through membership and donations. Join to learn, get the support you need, co-create an empowering environment, share hope, share ideas, create change, make new friends and restore your life!

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